Principal’s Office

The Principal chairs the SBC Senior Executive. The SBC Senior Executive is the decision-making body for the management of day-to-day issues at SBC and meets weekly. It is constituted to

  • Oversee the running of the college as a whole;
  • Discuss and make decisions on all major academic, administrative, HR and financial issues;
  • Discuss and approve policies, regulations and procedures concerning the management of the college;
  • Respond to recommendations from schools, departments and committees within SBC;
  • Formulate academic and operational plans for the future development of SBC;
  • Implement decisions made by the SBC Management Council.

Principal‘s office is the central operational unit of SBC, liaising and coordinating with internal and external organisations at the institutional level. It provides daily administrative support to the Principal and acts as the secretariat for the SBC Senior Executive. 

There are two functional divisions under the Office of the Principal, i.e., International Affairs and Public Relations & Marketing.