British Way of Teaching and Learning

We offer students a student-centric educational experience.

For example, the Year 1 programme at SBC is designed not only to dramatically improve communicative English but also to provide an intensive conversion experience to the British education system, which is essentially student-centric and focuses on developing critical skills. Year 2 to 4 follow UK University curriculums.

By student-centric we mean a shift away from reliance on and adherence to the teacher and a focus on guidance from teachers and methods of developing students who are capable of learning more on their own. This is vital in order to prepare students for the world of the 21st century where rapid change requires that everyone has the skills to continue learning. This life-long learning approach is dependent on individuals relying on their own efforts to learn new things.

Many parents, used to the old-style Chinese university system, are often surprised that the students spend less time in the classroom. This is a deliberate policy whereby students are encouraged to develop new knowledge and methods introduced in the classroom and then develop these further in the library and indeed in projects on campus and off the campus such as voluntary programmes.

In this way teachers are much more facilitators and mentors in the learning process rather than the fount of all knowledge. The result we hope to achieve, in terms of output, is to have students who can meet all the accepted measures of excellence in degree results but to also emerge as much more rounded, confident, flexible self-learners, internationally minded and socially responsible citizens who can help China better understand the world and the world better understand China.