Academic Excellence

Academic excellence in teaching and learning in the UK is measured through a national quality assurance system. In Years 1 and 2, UK quality assurance is provided by special committees of the Northern Consortium whereby members of staff from the NCUK nine universities evaluate annually the feedback from students and staff regarding the design, delivery and results of the programmes.

This is all based on NCUK successfully providing a quality assured Year 1 for 25 years, recognised and approved by eleven leading universities. In addition, Year 2 at SBC is quality assured by nine universities and delivers the only consortium-based Common Year 1 of a UK degree accepted by all the nine partner universities of SBC. Two of SBC’s partners have won the Times Higher UK University of the Year Award (Sheffield 2011 and Huddersfield 2013) and all the universities have passed all national quality assurance inspections.

In 2012, the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) inspected all programmes at SBC and a case study is now on their website, offering SBC as a model offshore degree delivery institution.

SBC programmes are therefore subject to continuous evaluation by a UK national body, the QAA, and the partner universities to ensure that the internationally-recognised UK standards are met. SBC is also subject to annual inspection by the host university, USST, through visits and student questionnaires. In addition, it is subject to inspections by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and designated committees. SBC has passed all inspections and SBC enjoys an excellent reputation in Shanghai, in China and internationally. However, SBC is committed to quality enhancement and has rigorous systems in place to ensure this can be demonstrated for the benefit of its students.

Academic excellence goes beyond classroom teaching and SBC has an international administrative team and a student management team seconded from USST to ensure that the students have all-round excellent support. We have an excellent careers centre, providing mentoring and training and also the quality of our graduates by the very high rate of employment and postgraduate study with international companies and at international universities.