About the School


School of Business and Management

The School of Business and Management offers undergraduates a range of degree options that provide a flexible learning environment with courses that are designed to cater for a wide range of business options and career paths.

We endeavour to ensure that our students not only develop their academic skills to the highest international standards but to also learn and practice the skills needed to cope with the complexities of international business and event management in a rapidly changing global economy.

Shanghai is a rapidly expanding financial hub with its sights set on developing the massive potential of China and driving the global economy. Studying at SBC clearly gives our graduates a competitive advantage when securing employment or developing their own business venture.

The School of Business and Management prepares its students to succeed in both their academic studies and their careers and gives students the best of British Education along with the skills necessary to be successful in the modern global business environment. Our aim is to give our students the successful mix of skills and knowledge that is required for global business operations.

We expect our students to gain more than just an ability to pass exams and all Business students are expected to complete assignments and research on both a group and individual basis. They are also expected to become involved in their learning experience and actively participate, developing independent learning skills that will support them through their studies and future careers.

All classes are taught in English in the same way as they would be taught in the UK. The subjects and assessments are set and approved by staff in the UK to internationally recognised standards which means that students at SBC gain transferable Business skills based on the latest international teaching practices.

Assessments are based on both examinations and student performance throughout the year. This form of continuous assessment helps to ensure that students are able to practice the skills they learn in the classroom and also gain experience and understanding of the skills needed to be successful in the real business world.

Studying for a UK degree in Shanghai in English clearly gives SBC students a competitive edge when they are looking at securing employment. This is due to their ability to understand and apply modern business concepts. Another major advantage to our students is Shanghai itself. Shanghai is a rapidly expanding financial hub with its sights set not just on the massive potential of China but also the global economy. While some business and financial centres are currently experiencing a slowdown, China and particularly Shanghai is continuing to expand and provides a great opportunity for SBC graduates to secure an excellent future in business either in Shanghai or on the global stage.

Classes are delivered in a variety of formats and a number of teaching methods are employed including: lectures; tutorials; presentations; team projects and tasks; problem solving and case studies of real companies. The goal is to provide students with good subject knowledge and also to develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

We hope that you will come to join our business faculty and become one of the future great leaders on the Global Business Stage.