About the School


School of Engineering and Computing

"We welcome you to join us in study, research, and innovation, in the School of Engineering and Computing at SBC. Engineers play a critical role in the world today – helping to make safer, better sustained and more productive lives for all. At SBC, we have crafted a special programme of studies intended not only to help you achieve these outcomes, but also provide you a challenging and exciting educational life experience. Reach out to your teachers and classmates, ask them questions, suggest ideas, join projects, build things, design systems - do and learn. The world of engineering and a bright future await you!"

Shanghai is both technically and culturally the pioneering city in China and therefore is a prime location for engineering students, not only academically but also socially.

The School of Engineering and Computing at SBC offers courses leading to degrees in Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, covering the key disciplines of Mechanical, Electronic and Electrical Engineering. The two programmes have been introduced with the "with Management" title in response to student demand and industry application. The degree titles are Manufacturing System Engineering (with Management) and Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering (with Management).

Classes encompass a variety of formats and a number of teaching methods are employed. Throughout your course of study, you will take part in lectures, tutorials, lab experiments and workshop practice. You will also deliver presentations and work in teams, solving engineering design problems and reviewing case studies of real engineering problems. The goal is to provide students with the subject knowledge required in the manufacturing and industrial environment, to develop their problem-solving and inter-personal skills.

SBC workshops are equipped with state of art CNC milling and lathe machines. Engineering labs are equipped with imported lab experiment equipment from Germany, UK, Taiwan, etc. Students are also able to access engineering labs facilities available at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) main campus. All engineering students have the option to go to the UK, to LJMU or another partner university to experience teaching and learning in a foreign country during the summer vacation.

SBC engineering students are also provided with the access to the USST main campus library and able to use all electronic library and database from SBC computer terminals. The USST library has subscribed to many international journals and database such as EBSCO, IEEE Electronic Library, Science Direct, Springer Link, Engineering Village, American Physics Society Journals, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), John Wiley Electronics Journals, etc. Additionally, students who so desire can take Chinese language and culture classes – an important advantage for International students who come to China to study engineering in such a truly global setting.

All courses are taught with support from our partners in prestigious British universities.