English for Academic Purposes and Professional English as a Foreign Language

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

English for Academic Purposes is currently provided to students on Year 1 programmes at SBC. Students study in small classes of 16 and develop the English language skills that are required to engage with university studies successfully in an English speaking environment. The classes focus on aspects of language such as grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation, and also specific skills development needed for university study such as successfully attempting an extended written assignment or a presentation. English for Academic Purposes is an essential component of university study even for those with a very high level of general English.

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Professional English as a Foreign Language (PEFL)

Students studying in Year 3 of SBC’s bachelor’s degree in Events Management also have the opportunity to study Professional English as a Foreign Language. This is a credit bearing module in the Events Management degree and involves both the study of English use in the events industry and language support for their other Events Management modules.

The module provides students who are not native speakers but have a level of English language skills sufficiently advanced for them to have been accepted onto a University course with the opportunity to improve further their fluency and accuracy in that language. Its primary focus is on business-oriented and other profession-related material that will complement work done in the main area of study and that will be of use in and beyond an academic context. The aim of tutorials will be to build on your understanding and awareness of the language, its syntax and grammatical structures. The module contributes to the attainment of skills appropriate to the Advanced level of the Languages Ladder, that is part of the National Languages Strategy and that map across to the Common European Framework for Languages.