Arts & Culture societies

SBC Art Troupe

The Fu Xing Art Group is one of the biggest associations in terms of size and system set-up. It has organised a number of large-scale student art activities every year, including an art show for new students, a ‘May 4th’ chorus and so on. The diversified performance forms and the professionalism in operation represent the maturity of the team. The art group does indeed provide a platform for art lovers to showcase their capabilities. 

   Art-show-for-new-students-of-2016.jpg             -May-4th-chorus-of-2017.jpg

                  (Art show for new students of 2016)                                                         (‘May 4th’ chorus of 2017)

Band Society

The Rock Band is the most popular society in the College and regularly holds performances working alongside other College society teams. The Skyline band has already held five highly successful shows on our Fu Xing and Jun Gong campuses, bringing in a large number of fans and supporters.

Dance Society

The Dance Society offers training in a variety of styles from modern dance to Latin. Professional dancers took part in the society’s activities on a number of occasions to instruct students and help improve their dance steps.

ACC Anime Society

Cosplay, an abbreviation for ‘costume play’, is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Characters are often drawn from popular fiction in Japan. The ACC Cosplay Society was established in 2011 and provides an interactive platform for the fans of this style of performance.


(The activity of ACC Anime Society of 2016)

Photography Society

The photography society provides a good platform for everyone enjoy the world of photography, and provide a better service for students’ activities and clubs.