Career Training System

Career Development Training starts from Year One and carries on through the final year. The training is designed to facilitate the development of self-awareness, recognition of one’s own strengths, motivations, values, and personality in the context of vocational and life planning, thus leading to students’ gradually establishing step-by-step career goals and devising a four-year university professional development action plan.

CSD has developed modules of bespoke and comprehensive career training courses on a systematic basis. This will help students by guiding them through the career planning and career exploration processes, as well as opportunity awareness, transitional learning and career decision making, equipped also with the insights and skills necessary to make the first successful step in their chosen occupations and field of endeavour.

4-phase (Career development learning)

Firstly: self-discovery- in terms of interests, abilities, personality etc., in order to synthesise key strengths, goals and motivations into a rounded personal file.

Secondly: exploring careers knowledge, i.e. what work opportunities exist and what their requirements are, in order to make career preparations and develop core competency soft skills.

Thirdly: building skills – including global business communication, professionalism in the workplace, how to write CVs, interview skills and the job market.

Fourthly: making it happen – Through one to one career counselling; students make informed career decisions and clarify their career destination after graduation.


Industry Guest speeches enable students familiar with external business environment, especially changes in the development of requirements for talent to strengthen their concept of career development and improve their job competitiveness. Guest speeches focus mainly on the following themes: human resources and the job market, industry analysis, employer’s expectations on talent and international experience.

In association with ‘Randstad’, ‘Alexander Mann Solutions’, CSD provides a career workshop focusing on enhancing employability skills and interaction between students and industries. It helps students transform knowledge into real practice through communication and experience with industry experts and head-hunters.