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May Books:A Recommended Reading List

Time: 1/5/2019~31/5/2019





Business Management (2+2 pathway, enrolled in 2017)

The 2nd prize winner of the "The Case" Business Case Analysis Presentation Competition of Hong Kong University

Former Project Manager of AIA Group (American International Assurance Co),The 3rd Prize in Simulated product launch Competition


Rich Dad and Poor Dad

Rich Dad and Poor Dad is a book about investment and financial management. It can make up for the regret of non-financial business students. This book not only teaches us how to spend money, but also tells us how to make money. The author Robert Kiyosaki's expression in the book will not be as dull as the general financial books, and the language is very simple and easy to understand. This book is worth reading by every student who is interested in investment and financial management. It may have a profound impact on everyone's career development, money concept and financial planning. It will enable us to break away from traditional ideas and thus have a mode of thinking to achieve financial freedom. If you want to work with your brain instead of being dominated by money in the future, the book's financial knowledge may give you enlightenment and answers.

A game called "Cash Flow" (Rat Race), which simulates human life and choices, is also highly recommended. Maybe you can experience and dominate your life in advance.


Shimin YU

Event Management (4+0 pathway, enrolled in 2017)

2017-2018 Academic Excellence Scholarship (Second Prize)


Edspira is an online learning platform where you can learn accounting, finance, and other business subjects.  Each topic is explained in a short video tutorial, with practice exercises and study guides enabling you to master the concept afterwards. EDSPIRA is a comprehensive course website, specializing in business courses, which are subdivided into auditing, personal finance, and financial accounting. Each course has 3-20 lessons. In addition, EDSPIRA publishes analysis of articles related to hot companies, giving viewers a clear understanding of the business world.



Manufacturing Systems Engineering

(2+2 pathway, enrolled in 2017)

2017 T1 scholarship

2017-2018  Academic Excellence Scholarship


Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach

Under a sophomore, I believe everyone know Thermodynamics is one of the hardest learning subjects door, so we need to spend more time into it. The book, co-authored by us professors Yunus a. A and Michael a. A, covers almost everything we've learned about thermodynamics. No problems in the learning process at ordinary times, in writing or coursework of thermodynamics, we can find the answer.

Highly recommended! This book is available in the library, and I hope engineering students can improve themselves from it.



Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering

(4+0 pathway, enrolled in 2017)

Second prize of China College Students Enterprenueship Competition in 2018

2017-2018 Social Scholarship


As a student majoring in electronic science, the choice of teaching materials is very important. This book is an authoritative textbook for introducing digital circuit design systematically. It aims to teach readers the basic concepts of digital design. The book is divided into 12 chapters, covering digital systems and binary numbers, Boolean algebra and logic gates, combinational logic, synchronous sequential logic, standard graphical symbols and so on. The book is precise in structure, simple in content and closely related to reality. It is very useful for understanding digital electronic technology. Therefore, it is recommended that you read it.