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Show: Interpretation of College Students' Clothing Matching from Color Psychology

Time: 12/10/2018~12/10/2018 13:00~15:00

Venue: TB201 


Drawing young elegance with European youth,

Let you have the feeling of first love every day.

Master the dressing elements, unlock the British style, show your beauty!

Lecture by Bangwei Chen

Shanghai Textile (Group) Co., Ltd.

Professor-level senior engineer

A well-known fashion educator, psychologist, master tutor of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Peking University, Fudan University, EastChina Normal University, Donghua University and other guest seats. Committed to color psychology, sales psychology and other research, engaged in image design, brand marketing, fashion education, associations and enterprises serving various industries.

Won the Outstanding Contribution Award of Shanghai University of Technology and Technology for Annual Production, Teaching and Research, won nearly 10 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, published more than 50 papers in core journals, published "Transboundary Psychology", "Fashion Apparel", "Brand Books such as Brand Extension Design are very popular among reader.