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SBC Summer Social Practice Team Won Two Awards in 2018 National Summer Social Practice Competition


On 16th November, the list of winners in 2018 National Summer Social Practice Competition, co-sponsored by the China Youth League Daily [1] and the People’s Daily Online, has been released online.

Seminar on Auditing from USST held in SBC: the audit of internal control system


YANG Ying, Director of the Audit Office, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and LV Yan, Audit department of USST, were invited to give a seminar on the internal auditing in USST campus in meeting room of Teaching Building at SBC on 17th December.

SBC Guest Lecture “The Power of Time:Time Management and High Efficiency Work ” Held at SBC


On 30th November, the SBC Guest Lecture welcomed speaker Ms MAO Wen, Former Brand Marketing Executives in the World Famous Brand Association, Runs the marketing courses in SIVA and the Aesthetics of Jewelry in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Corporate Trainer, which organized by the Career Service and Development Centre of SBC.

Demolition work


As required by the Shanghai Government, Tianping Community will carry out demolition work from 1st December in Fuxing Campus to make them more in line with the historical buildings.

Success for SBC students winning second prize in the “Biculture Voice” Chinese-English Interpretation Show


ShanghaiEye held its annual “Biculture Voice” Chinese-English Interpretation Show and Competition in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) on 24th November.

Mr Paul Kett from the Department for Education in the UK Visit SBC


On 27th November, Mr Paul Kett, Director General for Education Standards, Department for Education (DfE), UK, visited SBC.

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