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Best Sound, Best Wish. SBCers Won Prizes in USST Staff Chorus!

Best Sound, Best Wish. SBCers Won Prizes in USST Staff Chorus!


The USST Staff Chorus “ Singing the Chinese Dream, Being an Outstanding USSTer ” was ceremoniously held in the auditorium of Jungong Road Campus on September 27th, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. This event was directed by the USST committee of CPC, and conducted by USST committee of Union of Chinese Education and the Communist Youth League. 16 teams from different organs, departments and colleges of USST participated in the event to sing songs of praise for China. 

Staff from SBC organized a chorus with Hujiang College, College of Basic Science and Shanghai-Hamburg College, and performed the magnificent song “Homeland Will Never Forget”. Although the four colleges are from three different campus, all team members dedicated themselves to giving an imposing performance in front of the audience. After one month, their mountains of effort contributed to the wonderful performance, which won three awards successfully, including the Third Prize, the Best Performance Award and the Excellent Organization Award. 

Meanwhile, Fuxing Phonology Chorus from SBC, the unique chorus entirely consisted of students, performed the song “I Love You, China”, which was adapted by themselves. Undoubtedly, the smart but solemn melody and the soft but enthusiastic sound are the best explanation of love for the motherland. They stood as a heart shape with red formal dress and bright red heart-shaped lights. In the terminal of their song, five golden stars rose up slowly. Every detail was brimming with deep attachment to the motherland and touched all the audience. By virtue of the impressive performance, Fuxing Phonology Chorus won the Excellent Organization Award. 

SBCers displayed themselves in the USST Staff Chorus, achieving the outstanding results and celebrating the birthday of the motherland, which expressed their ambitions of remaining the original aspirations and embracing the bright future.


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