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Success for SBC students winning second prize in the “Biculture Voice” Chinese-English Interpretation Show

Success for SBC students winning second prize in the “Biculture Voice” Chinese-English Interpretation Show


ShanghaiEye[1] held its annual “Biculture Voice” Chinese-English Interpretation Show and Competition in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) on 24th November. Three SBC freshers won second prize (College Student Group) in the final competition for the first time. They are Jianing TAO, Y1 student from Events Management, Yingqi ZHOU, Y1 student from Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering and Chenyue SHI, Y1 student from Business Management.

The competition aims to help young students study Chinese and western cultures in a more effective way, to promote positive stories of China, and to build a bridge of communication between Chinese and western cultures. The event is open to both domestic and international teenagers in Shanghai, with two international students from SBC, Emil VØLZGEN BENGTSSON, Y2 student (Events Management) and Mohammad ALKABALAWI, Y3 student (Business Management) invited to participate in this live show for a special programme about classical Chinese poetry.

The three award winners shared their acceptance speeches as follows:

Jianing TAO(Jenny)

“It is the first time for me to try interpretation formally. ‘Biculture Voice’ Chinese-English Interpretation Show provides me with a platform to communicate with other students in Shanghai from different universities, inspiring me to learn more knowledge and skills about interpretation in the future. It is my great honor to earn the second price in the competition. Thanks for all the support I’ve got. From my perspective, interpretation is not only a skill, but also an art which can test people’s comprehensive quality. I am sure that this is just a start of my journey with interpretation. The story between interpretation and me begins and is to be continued                                                                            

Yingqi ZHOU (Brian)

“The competition brought me the beauty of language, not only the vocabulary and grammar were tested but also the various ways to think during the translation. Even though there is a small prize, it still needs a lot of patience and time to make myself a better translator who can really bring different cultures closer. “

Chenyue SHI (Ann)

“Firstly, I want to say thank you to the school for giving me this opportunity to participate in this interpretation contest, and I am so honored to win the second prize. The competition makes me feel the charm of the interpretation, and the communication of culture between China and Western countries. And finally, I sincerely hope that this cultural exchange between China and the West will be continued. ”


[1]The new media platform of International Channel Shanghai (ICS), part of Shanghai Media Group (SMG)