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The 2018 Open Day Was Successfully Held at SBC on 29th June

The 2018 Open Day Was Successfully Held at SBC on 29th June


The SBC Open Day 2018 with the theme “Life in SBC” was successfully held in SBC campus on Friday 29th June. Over 300 students and parents from all over the world entered into SBC campus and class, learning about the characteristics of SBC education and advantages of British-style education. The Open Day event contains a Face-to-Face Communication with academic lecturers and SBC executives, Demo Seminar, Admission Introduction, campus tour and so on, showing the potential and possibility of having a fulfilling and wonderful study life at SBC in the four years ahead. 

Professor Liu Qin, Vice-Dean, Interim Principal, Xu Lin, Associate Dean of Administration, Gordon Callan, Head of the School of Language, Education and Cultures, Dr. Gareth Lewis, Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer from School of Engineering and Computing, Dr. Ken Adams, Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer from School of Engineering and Computing, Dr. Peter Claiden, Senior Lecturer from School of Engineering and Computing, Anne Brady, Senior Lecturer from School of Business and Management, Iris Yuan, Director of International Affairs, Lily Lin, Director of Domestic Recruitment and Mrs. Lin Ying, representative of parents were present in the Welcome Ceremony by invitation. 

The hosts of the Welcome Ceremony were international student Emil Bengtsson, from Year 2 Events Management, and local student Hu Ziwei, from Year 2 Business Management, who was awarded with T1 Programme Top Scholarship 2016 and SBC Principal’s Scholarship 2017. Emil who is from Denmark greeted to the guests with a paragraph of prepared Mandarin and received a round of applause. 

Professor Liu Qin, Vice-Dean, Interim Principal extended a warm welcome to all visiting guests, students and parents She highlighted that not only does SBC provide students with unique and advanced educational resources, but also the college offers an internationalised communication platform. Internationalization and modernisation of education will be vital points in future competition. The most essential connotation of internationalized education is to broaden students’ horizons and to cultivate their innovation ability, enabling them to participate in international competition and gain universal recognition. She pointed that in this year, USST has been selected into the list of national high-level universities. In May, Business School of USST, Chinese cooperation partner of SBC, was officially reorganized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) .

As a representative of parents, Mrs. Lin Ying, who is the mother of Zheng Han, a Year 2 Business Management student, gave the speech at the Welcome Ceremony. She, as a parent of the millennial generation of China, talked about her reflection on the mutual growth of parents and college students under the British education system to evoke discussion and thoughts.

In the part of alumni sharing, You Shengjie, the winner of CEO for one month of the Adecco Group shared his opportunities and great challenge since the Tier-1 programme. Xie Yiwei showed her gratitude to SBC for providing such a wonderful platform for learning and activities. Then, two students, Liu Jingwen and Shi Zhijian from School of Engineering and Computing, talk about the process of getting used to campus life and how academic resources at SBC contribute to their study respectively. Their sharing led to further understanding about high academic standards at SBC. Within such intellectual atmosphere, having a good command of study methods becomes a key point.

Following the student volunteer and SBC staff, visiting students entered the Demo Seminar, where the atmosphere was active.

After the Welcome Ceremony, Lin Yan, Director of Domestic Recruitment conducted the Admission Introduction. Then, Yan Yiyi, 2+2 Business Management student, who was now studying in the University of Sheffield, shared her role changing from high school to Sheffield and her personal experience. She pointed out two factors which make university life brilliant. Firstly, chances are always given to those who have prepared well. Secondly, good partners are precious treasures.

The booths of the Executive Department, set at the Teaching Building Lobby, attracted plenty of visitors. There are booths of SBC Executives, Student Management Department, Registry, Careers Service & Development Centre, Domestic Recruitment, International Affairs and three academic schools. 

Busying with the Open Day event, the student volunteers showed their abilities and carried forward the spirit of mentorship. They presented that devoting them to the campus events can not only do a favour to SBC, but also practice their individual capabilities.