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An Academic Meeting between NCUK and SBC Held Successfully

An Academic Meeting between NCUK and SBC Held Successfully


The Sino-British College, USST was formed through the partnership of one Chinese university with nine UK Partner universities from The Northern Consortium of the United Kingdom (NCUK). It aims to facilitate collaboration between the UK member universities and overseas university partners for international students to study in the UK. Students who successfully complete an NCUK programme are guaranteed a place at one of the NCUK universities. They are all able to enjoy a great student experience and receive help with the university application process, providing the best preparation to succeed at university in the UK. 

In order to further deepen the Sino-British cooperation, discuss the development plan of college education and teaching model, improve and consolidate cooperation in partner programmes between SBC and the nine UK partner universities,an academic meeting was held at SBC on 22nd May. Emma Dawkins, Academic Director of NCUK and Katy Christie, NCUK Regional Director (China and Indonesia) with the SBC academic team attended this meeting.

After the conference, Cindy Bao, Manager of Facilities Department/LRC, invited the officials to experience the SBC campus and view the facilities.

Emma Dawkins recognised the efforts made by SBC in offering a truly international learning environment to students and kindly advised on certain aspects of its Pre-Masters Programme Project plans.