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Xu Tao as Director of International Division of the MOE gave the symposium at SBC

Xu Tao as Director of International Division of the MOE gave the symposium at SBC


In the morning of 22nd May, the symposium, Study and Implement Spirits of 19th CPC National Congress and Make the New Plan of Opening-up Education in the New Era, was held at SBC. Xu Tao, Director of International Division of the MOE, gave the speech. Shu Gangbo, Wang Yi, Li Yongzhi, Lulili, Huang Pei, Ding Xiaodong, Tian Weifeng and other related leading roles of universities and schools attended the symposium, which over 160 people participated in and was hosted by Li Yongzhi, Vice Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. 

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, greeted participants. He introduced Opening-up Education of USST by emphasis on the history of British-Chinese collaborative education, international recognition of majors, and international cooperation in scientific research. He emphasised that the internationalisation of education is the important characteristic in the over 100-year history of USST. SBC has become a vital platform for cross-cultural communication and international academic communication by outstanding location, well-preserved historical buildings and unique 1 to N joint venture. Speaking of the future, SBC will continue to broaden students’ horizons and to build the Opening-up Education system, through jointly established education, speeding up the development of international student education, improving cultural communication, etc. 

The report had a retrospective look at the general situation of Opening-up Education since 18th CPC National Congress. Xu Tao pointed out that China has formed all-direction, multi-field, wide-ranged Opening-up Education, and achieved great success in cultivating talents, introducing high-quality educational resources, and promoting cross-cultural communication. Faced with the new era, developing Opening-up Education is required to solve 3 difficult problems that are speeding up the internationalisation of education, eliminating the imbalance of educational development and making contribution to national diplomacy. 

When the symposium ended, Xu Tao visited Student Management Department and Student Enterprise and Innovation Centre of SBC, accompanied with Ding Xiaodong, President of USST and Tian Weifeng, Vice President of USST. They watched the exhibition of Starry Ink, the team of student innovation project, and RoboVigor, the first robot club at SBC. 

Photographer: Wang Bo

Provided by: SBC, Publicity Division