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Dell (China) Campus Recruitment Seminar into SBC Campus

Dell (China) Campus Recruitment Seminar into SBC Campus


On the afternoon of December 21st, DELL (China) successfully held their Campus Recruitment Seminar in the Tearoom of Sino-Business College (SBC), USST. EMC Senior Project Manager Eric Sun, Manager Edward Fan, Manager Vivian Wang, Chef Engineer Jason Wang, Tech Support Engineer Bini Jiang from the Dell Group, offered a wonderful session to USST and SBC students. The Principal of SBC, Professor Laura Bishop, the Program Leader and Senior Lecturer of school of engineering and computing in SBC Dr. Gareth Lewis, the Senior Lecturer of Math and Physics in SBC Dr. Huixin Chen, the Program leader and senior lecturer of School of Business Management in SBC Dr. Lee Henderson, as well as over 30 students from SBC, College of Foreign Language, School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering and School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering joined this event.

Prof. Laura Bishop gave a welcoming speech, and expressed her sincere thanks to DELL officials who attended this event on behalf of SBC. Meanwhile, she also encouraged students to seize the opportunity, face challenges, transcend themselves and show their USST demeanors. Mr. Eric Sun gave a brief introduction of Dell Group in its development history, core values and working environment, etc.  At this point, he drew forth the main project of this seminar - the GSAP program, which is used to help train and tutor newcomers for 2 years, in order to help them fit into workplace environment better and find a clearer future path.

In the following open discussion session, Dr. Huixin Chen, raised the question “From a college perspective, how to educate students, and adjust teaching method towards company’s request correspondently?”  Mr. Eric Sun replied that DELL does not only measure a candidate’s vocational skills, but also his/her communication skills, hobbies, strategic thinking, etc. Dell prefers to choose the students who receive education in both theoretical knowledge and comprehensive quality. At the end of this session, Eric patiently replied to students’ questions one by one.

During the interview stage, candidates went through a 1 to 2 talk with the interviewers, 5 students got favor from the interviewers and made to next stage for a further interview and an office visit opportunity in mid-January 2019. At the same time, Manager Vivian Wang introduced intern opportunities to students from lower grades and answered their questions.  After the interview, Eric Sun showed a positive view towards SBC students’ comprehensive quality and confidence. He looked forward to work with SBC in the coming year as well as getting to know more SBC students.

SBC highly values and treasures college -enterprise cooperation. The success of this seminar with DELL indeed is an outcome of cooperation between enterprise and college. This will result in a strengthen relationship with both parties, enhanced integration of social resources, and to achieve maximization of resource utilization. This cooperation does not only help with students’ employment, but also infuses the enterprises with fresh SBC blood to achieve a win-win situation.