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Ensuring Best Practice in Fire Safety at SBC

Ensuring Best Practice in Fire Safety at SBC


As part of the ongoing commitment to the safety of both the students and staff of SBC, over 100 volunteer Fire Marshalls were trained in fire safety procedures on 3rd December 2018. The training was arranged by the Health, Safety and Security (HSS) Committee which invited the Shanghai Fire Department to ensure that safety procedures at SBC meet current best practice. The training was delivered by Mr Zhang from the Xuhui branch of the Shanghai Fire Department, who highlighted the importance of fire prevention awareness, as well as how to escape from a fire and how best to tackle different kinds of fires should it be safe to do so.

The training was put into practice during a campus-wide fire drill held on 5th December. The drill involved a simulated fire on the second floor of the Teaching Building, including the use of artificial smoke for added realism. All staff and students responded to the alarm by leaving each building in a swift and calm manner under the guidance of the newly trained volunteer Fire Marshals.

To reinforce the correct procedure in the event of becoming trapped by fire, the simulation included a classroom exit door blocked by fire, behind which two students were ‘trapped’, waiting for assistance from the Fire Department. They calmly listened to the firefighters’ instructions when the fire engines arrived and escaped from the ‘fire’ down a ladder under guidance by the firefighters. 

Finally, the chief of drill announced the all-clear notice and a banner was presented to the team from Xuhui Branch of Shanghai Fire Department by Professor Laura C. Bishop, Principal of SBC, to thank them for their professional support.

Thanks to the joint efforts made by the SBC HSS Committee and the USST Department of Security, staff and students and administrative team at SBC were offered the opportunity to learn through practice about introductory knowledge of fire control, fire prevention and fire escape thus enhance the level of campus security as a whole.

Li Yan, Party Secretary of SBC, Deputy Director of Campus Management Committee, Fuxing Road Campus, said it was of such importance that everyone in the College be as prepared as possible in fire danger or any other emergency and she thanked everyone for their full participation and particularly thanked Mr Zhang and his colleagues for their excellent demonstration.