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Afternoon Tea with the Principal

Afternoon Tea with the Principal


On 9th November, SBC students and staff were invited to enjoy afternoon tea in the SBC Tearoom with Professor Laura C. Bishop, Principal of SBC. Nearly 40 students and staff from different schools and departments were able to attend this inaugural event.

It was initiated by the college for both students and staff at SBC to meet with the principal of SBC face to face in an informal setting. Tasty refreshments and drinks were carefully laid out by the facilities department, which were enjoyed by all. Professor Bishop chatted with students and staff about their studies and activities, listening carefully to their ideas and opinions. 

Responding to questions from the students, Professor Bishop also shared her views on British education and cross-cultural communication, encouraged students to strive to adapt to English classrooms, develop critical thinking skills and enjoy interacting with their teachers after classes.

The afternoon tea event will be held regularly every month in the SBC Tearoom from now on. It is hoped that these regular meetings will foster greater communication and enhance staff-student relations. We look forward to seeing you here next month.