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Academician GU Min of USST visited SBC

Academician GU Min of USST visited SBC


In the afternoon of September 3, Prof. Gu Min, the Principle of School Affairs Committee of USST visited SBC, flanked by CHEN Haijin, the Party Secretary of School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering and LUAN Haitao, the Distinguished Researcher. Prof. Laura Bishop, the Principle of SBC, LI Yan, also the Party Secretary of SBC and Deputy Director of Campus Management Committee, Fuxing Road Campus, Prof. LIU Qin, the Vice-Dean of SBC, and XU Lin, the Associate Dean of Administration of SBC attended the meeting. The inspection meeting was held in the Tea Room of SBC.

Firstly, Prof. Laura Bishop, on behalf of SBC, extended warm welcome to Academician GU Min and his delegation. Besides, She expressed her appreciation for Academician GU's remarkable achievements in his research field over the years. Prof. LIU Qin, the Vice-Dean, delivered a report on SBC's running characteristics, organizational structure, talent team and discipline construction, etc. 

Academician GU Min expressed his gratitude to SBC for the warm reception, he also showed positive affirmation and high praise to the unique "1 to N Consortium Model" of SBC and the achievements made by the college. This is his first visit to the SBC. The unique geographical location and the historical buildings with rich cultural heritage are very impressive. In the subsequent conversation, Academician Gu and the college executive had a deep discussion about discipline construction, scientific research cooperation, joint laboratory, talent cultivation, etc. What’s more, they talked about the new outlook of cooperation between colleges and overseas universities. The conversation inspired new ideas of internationalization construction. They declared that they will continue to support the vigorous development of various undertakings. The inspection of Academician GU has planned a new route to improve the quality of international education of SBC, and enhances our confidence to promote the partnership education to a new level.


Prof. Laura Bishop, the Principle of SBC


Prof. LIU Qin, the Vice-Dean of SBC, delivered an introduction of SBC’s basic situation


CHEN Haijin, the Party Secretary of School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering, USST


Academician GU Min, USST


The meeting

Professor GU Min is the Executive Chancellor of the University Council and Distinguished Professor of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. He was Distinguished Professor and Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor at RMIT University and a Laureate Fellow of the Australian Research Council. He is an author of four standard reference books and has over 500 publications in nano/biophotonics. He is an elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering as well as Foreign Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is also an elected fellow of the AIP, the OSA, the SPIE, the InstP, and the IEEE. He was President of the International Society of Optics within Life Sciences, Vice President of the Board of the International Commission for Optics (ICO) (Chair of the ICO Prize Committee) and a Director of the Board of the Optical Society of America (Chair of the International Council). He was awarded the Einstein Professorship, the W. H. (Beattie) Steel Medal, the Ian Wark Medal, the Boas Medal and the Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation. Professor Gu is a winner of the 2019 Dennis Gabor Award of SPIE.