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SBC Welcomes International Freshers 2018

SBC Welcomes International Freshers 2018


The 2018 Welcome Party for all new international students was hosted at the SBC English Tea Room in the evening of 26th September. Freshers from different countries and regions attended the party, together with international students at SBC and members of SBC academic and administrative team.

Lorraine Li, Year 2 Business Management student, hosted the welcome party. Professor Laura C. Bishop, Principal of SBC, extended a warm welcome to all the new international students.

Professor Laura C. Bishop  presented Jessica Evangeline, a Year 1 Business Management student from Indonesia, with the Principal’s Outstanding Scholarship Award, which recognises students with outstanding academic achievements.

Gordon Callan, Head of the School of Languages, Education and Cultures, gave a introduction to the free “Chinese Language and Culture” course at SBC.

The welcome party was commemorated by a group photo of SBC international students and staff.

Photo by: Tax Ding