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Mr Paul Kett from the Department for Education in the UK Visit SBC

Mr Paul Kett from the Department for Education in the UK Visit SBC


On 27th November, Mr Paul Kett, Director General for Education Standards, Department for Education (DfE), UK, visited SBC. Mr Paul Kett was accompanied by Mr Danny Pan, Deputy Head of Education and Skills, Department for International Trade, British Embassy Beijing, Ms Jazreel GOH, Director Education and Sports, British Council China and Ms Cathy He, Head of Higher Education, British Council China.

Madame Cai Yonglian, Vice President (International) of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), Dean of the Sino-British College (SBC), with representatives of SBC management and academic team, met with the officials on their arrival.

A meeting was held by the representatives with senior colleagues from SBC. Madame Cai extended a warm welcome to the official on behalf of the College. She gave a brief introduction of USST support for SBC in running colleges, including the management structure, academic staff, logistical support and investment fund.

Professor Linda Liu, Vice Dean of SBC, gave a brief introduction of SBC, including the model of teaching, student achievements and its plan of activities for the future.

Following the presentation, the delegation engaged in wide-ranging discussions with the new opportunities in international cooperation between China and Britain and expected to actively promote the development of China-UK cooperation in the field of education.

After the meeting, Professor Linda Liu invited senior officials to experience the SBC campus and view the facilities and SBC student societies in innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Mr Paul Kett highly recognised the efforts made by SBC in offering a truly international learning environment to students, combining both the Chinese and European architectural styles. And he agreed that China and UK would explore the potential for further collaboration on international education.