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Senior Delegation from USST Visit SBC and Attend the SBC All Staff Meeting

Senior Delegation from USST Visit SBC and Attend the SBC All Staff Meeting


On 12th October, Madame Cai Yonglian,Vice President (International) of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), Dean of the Sino-British College (SBC), USST with a senior delegation from USST visited SBC. Cai Yonglian was accompanied by Professor Ma Xiaoting, Director of USST International Affairs Office. Professor Laura C.Bishop, Principal of SBC, with members of SBC executive team, met with the officials on their arrival.

Professor Bishop extended a warm welcome to the officials on behalf of the College. Professor Linda Liu, Vice Dean of SBC, gave a brief introduction of SBC, including the establishment, international model of teaching and its plan of activities for the future. Li Yan, Party Secretary of SBC, Deputy Director of Campus Management Committee, Fuxing Road Campus, gave a presentation about the SBC campus construction situation.

V.P Cai Yonglian praised the efforts and achievements made by SBC. She indicated that USST has been selected to be on the list of national high-level universities in this year and will continue to support the construction and development of SBC. With it's internationalized education philosophy, SBC regards responsible leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, and cultural empathy as key features of its provision and it achieves high academic standards and a competitive advantage from its close cooperation with the UK partner universities.

After the conference, Professor Linda Liu invited the officials to experience the SBC campus and view the facilities.

In the afternoon, the SBC all staff meeting was held in the Teaching Building, focusing on the present situation and prospects for SBC and the development of our college. The meeting was hosted by Professor Linda Liu.

Professor Bishop gave a new principal's introduction with an initial plan for SBC.

V.P Cai Yonglian concluded the meeting. She expressed her congratulations to Professor Bishop as the new principal of SBC and warmly welcomed her to SBC, appreciated the full support of all SBC staff and thanked Professor Tian Weifeng, Former Vice Presidentof USST, Former Dean of SBC, Currently Part-time professor of SBC, for her excellent leadership and contribution. She encouraged staff to seize new chances in the new era, to face new challenges,and to promote the rapid development of SBC. In the end of the meeting, she hoped SBC would meet the new requirements of high-level university construction of USST, building the bridge between Britain and China.