The Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre is located on the first and second floor of the building on the right as you enter the campus from the Fuxing Road entrance. This building is of historic importance and was built in 1914 for the Deutsche Medizinschule. The Building maintains much is its original features but it has been renovated inside and is equipped to function as a modern learning center for SBC students. The Learning Resource Centre contains the SBC library on the ground floor and one large quiet reading room for students on the second floor.

1.The SBC Library

The SBC Library has a wide range of textbooks, novels, journals, newspapers, and electronic resources for students to use.

Students can borrow two books at a time for two weeks and each book on loan can be renewed once only for a further two weeks. Books not returned on time incur an overdue fine of 3 yuan per day. There are certain restrictions on some books, however, to ensure that these texts are available for all students to use.

Opening Hours

Semester Hours:Monday to Friday: 08:00 am -10:00 pm; Weekends: 10:00 am -10:00 pm.

Vacation Hours: The opening hours are as library informed.

Public Holidays Hours: Closed.

Lending Restrictions

  • Yellow: staff loans only.
  • Red: for use in the library only i.e. no-one can borrow these books, students or staff.
  •  Blue: 3 hour loan only - overdue fine 1 yuan per hour.
  • These books are color coded as shown and cannot be borrowed after 5 pm.

2.Other Library Services

  • The librarians and support staff offer students training on how to use the library system to find the texts that are looking for and how to use the electronic resources.
  • The library is fully equipped with multimedia computer facilities and the building is connected to the college WIFI service.
  •  In addition to the academic section of the library, there is an Arts and Culture Reading Room opened in 2015 to celebrate centenary of the opening of the building as a center of education.