SBC Library Rules and Regulations 

  1. Students must be quiet in the library at all times.
  2. No food in the library and rubbish should be cleared away.
  3. Mobile phones must be switched off or turned to mute in the library.
  4. Students may only borrow books using their own library cards and may only borrow and return books in person.
  5. Students may borrow a maximum of 2 books for 2 weeks. The same book(s) may be borrowed again one more time after this period.
  6. Borrowed books must be returned on time and the fine for overdue returns is 3rmb per book per day.
  7. Students are liable for the following costs in respect of any lost or damaged books:     
    • The full cost of replacing the title
    • An administration fee of 20rmb per book
    • Any overdue fines
  8. Periodicals, magazines and certain books cannot be removed from the library.
  9. Reserve books, with a side barcode last digit of less than 3 cannot be removed from the library.  If a student wishes to copy material from one of these books, it may be borrowed within one working day and the library will retain the student's card until the book is returned. (The fine for overdue returns is also 3rmb per book per day)