Policies & Regulations

Please check the menu on the left for relevant policies and regulations.  These policies and regulations are from 2017-2018 SBC Students Handbook. SBC Registry Department reserves the right to explain or amend these policies.

I. SBC Student Registration Policies

II. Progression & Resit Policies

III. Code of Conduct in Examinations

IV. Examination Results Management Policies

V. Exam Results Enquiry and Appeal Policies

VI. EAP Exemption Policies

VII. Study Certificate & Transcript Application Policies



1. Enrolment

(1) Students must complete admission procedures in time in accordance with the relevant requirements and regulations at SBC.

(2) Students who can’t arrive on time for some special reasons must ask the college for leave. The leave time shall not exceed two weeks. Except for force majeure, any student who is absent without leave will be considered as giving up admission qualifications.

(3) Students who satisfy entrance requirements will be registered, or the admission qualification will be cancelled.

(4) Please refer to the enrolment procedures information released by The Sino-British College, USST.

2. Registration

(1) Registration is necessary for students to obtain and maintain study qualifications. Each semester, students must complete registration procedures under the Registry department’s guidance within the stipulated time.

(2) Students must ask the college for leave in case of failing to register in time, or will be regarded as truant. The delay time shall not exceed one week. Any student who doesn’t register within 2 weeks of classes without valid reason will be given a warning, and over 4 weeks will be regarded as having made a voluntary withdrawal.

(3) Students who have not paid the relevant fees or meet requirements of registration cannot be registered.

(4) Please refer to the latest registration procedures information released by The Sino-British College, USST.

3. School Leaving

(1) All the students from each pathway should go to Registry to complete procedures after finishing school at the Sino-British College, USST.

(2) For students who apply for leaving school and dropping out of academic year, students should go to Registry to complete procedures.

(3) SBC will not issue any relevant certificates to students who have not completed the required Registry procedures.

Note: Regarding the dual-registered students, please refer to the relevant documents released by University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, SBC, SBC Partner Universities. Regarding the free-entry students, please refer to the relevant documents released by the Sino-British College, USST.

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