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Dear Y3&Y4 EvM students,

Please kindly find your attachment for 1718 Semester 2 Timetable.

1718 semester 2 timetable for Y3 EvM.xps

1718 semester 2 timetable for Y4 EvM.xps

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Published on 12/8/2017 12:00:00 AM

Dear students,

Please find the Christmas Holiday and New Year's Day arrangement as below.


Christmas Holiday

New Year’s Day

Free Entry & International students

Dec 25, 2017 (Monday) off

Jan 1, 2018(Monday) off

Dual Registered USST students

UK classes will be cancelled on Dec 25,  2017; USST classes of that day will be given as usual.


SBC Registry

Dear students,

Please see the SBC arrangement of the Winter Holidays and the start date for 1718 Semester 2as below.

Students 针对学生

Winter Holidays 寒假

Starting Date of Semester two 新学期开始日

1718 All the Y1 &Y2, and Y3 EVM


January 29 to February 23

February 26 Monday

1718 All the Y3 and Y4 except Y3 EVM


February 5 to February 23

February 26 Monday

Note: The starting date of Semester 2 listed above refers to the beginning dates of all the UK modules. The beginning dates of USST modules for Dual Registered USST students please refer to the attachment 2017-2018 2统招生中方课表 复兴路校区 .xlsx"

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Dear Students,

SBC Classes will be suspended on the next Thursday and Friday, Oct. 26th-Oct.27th,2017 to make sure the Second Annual Academic Meeting of the College run smoothly, teachers will find other available time to make up the suspended classes .The evening classes and activities will take place as usual on Oct. 26th-Oct.27th,2017.

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Published on 9/18/2017 12:00:00 AM

Dear all,
Please kindly find the attachment for 1718 Semester 1 Timetable.

And please find the long-term timetable for dual registered usst students.

Many thanks.

2017-2018 Semester 1 TIMETABLE Class0930.pdf

2017-2018学年第一学期 长学期 中方课课表 20170605 仅针对统招生 2017-2018 Semester 1 long term Timetable only for dual registered usst students.xlsx

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