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2015/2016,2016/2017, 2017/2018 Dual-degree Registered Engineering Students:
Please pay attention to the Notice (see attached documents) and complete your application for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Credits.

SBC Registry






Dear Students,


Please find below the Tomb-sweeping Day, Labor Day and Dragon Boat Festival arrangement in 2019.




Class transfer arrangement

Tomb-sweeping Day

April 5th (Friday) Off

Together with weekend

Labor Day

May 1st (Wednesday) – May 4th (Saturday) Off

April 28th (Sunday) is a work day as compensation following May 2nd Thursday’s timetable;

May 5th (Sunday) is a work day as compensation following May 3rd Friday’s timetable

Dragon Boat Festival

June 7th (Friday) Off

Together with weekend

SBC Registry

Published on 3/8/2019 12:00:00 AM

Dear all,

Please kindly find the attachment for 1819 Semester 2 Timetable.


SBC Registry.

Please note that the reception time of SBC transcript and study certificates application in 2019 winter period has been adjusted. Please see the detailed information:

Type of Application

Dates of Reception

Time of Reception


21st Jan - 30th Jan

20th Feb – 22nd Feb

Only for Workdays

09:00-11:30 AM

13:00-16:00 PM

Other Study Certificates

21st Jan - 25th Jan

18th Feb – 22nd Feb

Only for Workdays

09:00-11:30 AM

13:00-16:00 PM


  1.        Generally, it takes five workdays for students to take your certificates or transcripts after the date of submitting your application form.
  2.        Since 25th Feb, students can apply for transcripts and study certificates on workdays as normal.

Registry, the Sino-British College

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