How to access the E-mail service

Scenario 1: The E-mail service can be access through web-browser (IE, Chrome, Safari etc.) from your computer or mobile device, and it’s also a recommended way to access the email service on the computer in Computer Lab, with that you don’t need to do any settings.

     Method for access online mail box:

  1. Input in the address bar of the web-browser
  2. Enter your College Account in the “User name” area
  3. Enter the password related to your College Account in the “Password” area
  4. Click “Log On”, if your identity information is right, system will show you the operation interface for mail box
  5. If you can’t have the operation interface, please double check your College Account and password, make sure no any spelling mistake, as well as no expiration. When you confuse with it, please contact IT for help in Room102, teaching building


Scenario 2: You can download the copy of emails to your mobile device, as well as edit and send email. With that you have to do some settings on your own mobile device or computer.

Method for receiving email on your own mobile devices:

  1. The configure interface is a little different between IOS and Android, please following the picture below
  2. Please replace the “mztest” with your College Account


                                  IOS                                                            Android

Method for receiving email on your own computer with mail box tools:

  1. MS Outlook 2007 / 2010, Outlook express and Foxmail can well support our email service
  2. SMTP: 25 POP3: 110