International & Versatile: My Keywords of Competency


Wu Xinyu

Graduate of SBC Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering programme, 4+0 pathway, enrolled in 2009

Native place: Shanghai. Graduated from Shanghai Chengzhong Senior High School

Obtained Dual Bachelor’s Degree from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Liverpool John Moores University, 2012

Employed by ShanghaiVolkswagenAutomotiveCo ., Ltd. to work as an engineer in 2012


After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree, Wu Xinyu smoothly moved into employment atthe Shanghai VolkswagenAutomotiveCo., Ltd.. In his first year of work, he was exceptionally dispatched to Germany to participate in on-the-job training on new energy automobiles. At present, although he only has one year of working experience, Wu Xinyu has already undertaken his own project and become a team leader. Speaking of the reason for such smooth career development, Wu Xinyu said, “The international education provided by SBC helped me stand out among many rivals.”

My Perfect College: Learning in and out of Classroom

 After his college entrance examinations, Wu Xinyu hadvery high expectations for universities. “I think an ideal university should not only have high-quality teaching resources, but also have advanced ideas on education. Wu Xinyu was looking forward to a university that could teach practical knowledge and conduct abundant practical activities. He added, “Such activities could not only exercise my comprehensive capabilities, but would also connected to my professional learning and future career development. Finally, the international talent training mode at SBC attracted him. Four years later, SBC also fulfilled his various expectations for attending further universities.

 The SBC School of Engineering is one step ahead of most engineering colleges that use traditional class teaching methods to teach engineering knowledge. In SBC, students are required to bravely make academic speeches in English on various occasions in addition to displaying a mastery of professional knowledge. Wu Xinyu believes such teaching modes are of great significance. “For instance, academic writing and speech skills developed in academic English courses enable me easily write reports and more concentrate on improvement of business level.”

 Owing to his considerable experience making public English speeches made at the SBC, Wu Xinyu was able to appear on the site of the final competition of Shanghai VolkswagenAutomotiveCo., Ltd.. In face of outstanding graduates from home and abroad and under pressure from executives of Shanghai GM, he kept gentle and confident, finally receiving recognition from the enterprise and became the champion of the final competition of summer interns of Shanghai GM.

 In the opinion of Wu Xinyu, small elite class teaching makes such a series of training methods possible. “In SBC, each student has the opportunity to wear formal clothes and step up to the platform. Gradually, we become composed and relaxed in various public activities. Such activities are beneficial to improvement of our speech level and establishment of confidence.” For Wu Xinyu, such growth experience was very precious.

My Management Class on and beyond Campus

 Outstanding students are always those students with actual project experience. Therefore, SBC pays great attention to practical teaching and the provision of opportunities for students to visit enterprises and practise in such enterprises.

“I was a volunteer of the Shanghai World Expo, working as Head of the Service Station and directing a team consisting of about 60 members.” Wu’s experience of working as a volunteer of Shanghai World Expo is still vivid in his mind. He said, “During the two-month’s service period, it was inevitable that we would face all sorts of problems and various emergencies. As the principal I had to address such problems immediately.” In addition, Wu Xinyu once participated in practical experience at Shanghai GM and training in University's Spare-time CPC Party School.

Speaking of such experiences, Wu Xinyu had deep feelings and said, “Such activities contributed to my mental development. After experiencing a whole set of procedures from planning and preparation at the early stage of projects to various coordination and team incentives at the middle stage and summarization, reporting and reflection at the later stage, I found I had become more mature than my peers. Meanwhile, this directly helped me work in the current post as an engineer born after 1990, to coordinate and manage over 20 supplier engineers, rapidly get involved in the work and smoothly promote projects step by step.

Within one year of employment, Wu Xinyu has become a project manager, representing Shanghai Volkswagen to independently cooperate with suppliers and manage research and development of projects. “At present, I am responsible for harnessing research and development of Class A entry level automobiles.” He further explained, “Internal automobile parts, whether light or an engine, are connected with wires. I am responsible for configuration of wires of automobiles, including power distribution, etc. Wu Xinyu, who once received British education about electric engineering science and technology and participated in trainings in German, naturally boasts very strong technological strength.

Team work and cross-cultural exchange and communication capabilities developed in the process of study and practice in SBC enabled Wu Xinyu to work easily. “First, I know engineering and thus knew how to assign tasks and review research and development achievements. At the time of cooperation with suppliers, I, as an engineer from the engine plant, shall make decisions. In face of engineers with whom it is difficult to communicate, I will take a different communication method.” In the process of getting along with colleagues, Wu Xinyu is always winning people over with his capability. Although his capability still falls behind engineers with mature technology, he has stood out among his peers.

He believes his development and achievements in two years can be attributed to the education provided by SBC. He said, “I believe SBC is a British college which really takes an open attitude to its students. Probably because of the short history of this college or its spirit, SBC is always supporting students to study actively and aggressively and willing to support students to create a beautiful future with financial, material and human resources.


*ShanghaiVolkswagenAutomotiveCo ., Ltd.: ShanghaiVolkswagenAutomotiveCo ., Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture. As one of the largest modern automobile production bases in China, it has formed five production bases headquartered in Anting of Shanghai and with projects in Anting, Nanjing, Yizheng, Urumchi and Ningbo.