Sailing from HK

Feng Chuan

Graduate of SBC Events Management programme, 4+0 pathway, enrolled in 2007

Native place: Guangdong. Graduated from Guangdong Shenzhen Senior High School

Double Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and The University of Huddersfield in 2011

Employed by John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd, appointed Management Trainee in 2011

Graduating from college, Feng Chuan obtained the outstanding result of First Class Bachelor’s Degree. With the recommendation of SBC teachers, Feng Chuan also received acceptance notification from KPMG LLP, which ranks among the four top accounting firms in the world, and notification notice of acceptance from Swire for the position of management trainee. He chose the latter. Feng Chuan said “I think four years of internationalized education in SBC has laid the foundations for me to start my career in Hong Kong. I’m willing to accept the challenge and exercise myself on a much wider platform.”


In Feng Chuan’s value system, the ideal university not only includes class-content but also emphasizes the selected city, university opportunities and educational concepts. Therefore, although his score in the college entrance examinations exceeded the first-tier line, Feng Chuan chose not to attend a traditional-style Chinese university. It was the SBC that met the needs for his development. As Feng Chuan put it “The SBC is different from traditional-style universities in China with regard to three elements: the international education background on offer, the cultivation of independent learning and the guidance on offer for comprehensive development and the opportunity for working or further education, given the college’s location in Shanghai.”

The teaching quality of any university is greatly dependent on the abundance of teaching resources. Undoubtedly, SBC has rich teaching resources. Feng Chuan sighed with emotion, “The Professors in the college have taught us the thinking, concepts and methods associated with advanced teaching, and we can have world-class teachers without going abroad. The foreign Professors here have deep academic backgrounds, and there are even the Professors who specially come from Britain to teach us. At present, the teaching resources are quite rare in China.”

The facts prove that Feng Chuan’s far-sighted choice has brought him unexpected opportunities and space development. Under the edification of SBC’s British education, Feng Chuan has taken to the SBC like a duck to water and made brilliant academic achievements. His academic performance ranked first among all majors of 4+0 Exhibition Management enrolled by SBC in 2008 and exceeded all majors of Exhibition Management enrolled by University of Huddersfield. Thus, Feng won the first prize in Exhibition Management of University of Huddersfield in his year.


In 2011, Feng Chuan received a letter of acceptance from KPMG accounting, one of the big four accounting firms, as well as a letter of acceptance from John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd, due both to his excellent academic achievements and outstanding comprehensive strength. Finally, Feng chose John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd and became one of 6 management trainees recruited from Mainland China. It is worthy of mention that the remaining 5 students were excellent students employed from Peking University and Yale University, etc.

Feng Chuan thinks that his success in passing the screening procedure for Management Trainee at Swire can not be separated from his cultivation at SBC. “The four years as an undergraduate had great meaning for me and helped me to complete the conversion from a young and shy high-school student to a confident career person.”

In four years of University, Feng Chuan participated in the Enactus group (International Collegiate Entrepreneurs Union). “I took charge as Project Manager in the campus career development club at this time.” Feng Chuan said, “And I led more than 10 students in organizing different kinds of sharing of the workplace and practicing activities.” He not only acquired the life skills required for further development, but also exercised his management and organizing ability from these activities.

With the recommendation of SBC’s career service and development center, Feng Chuan won internship opportunities from world famous enterprises including Deutsche Bank, KPMG LLP and The British Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai. In the internship, he learned the vocational skills like communication and team-work as required by the work. “Most importantly, my vocational consciousness was improved. I paid more attention to nearby work opportunities and my future development.” Feng Chuan said that “I learnt of the recruitment of Management Trainee from Swire through the University.”

As to the interview, the experience remains fresh in Feng Chuan’s memory. He introduced us to this “total of three interviews. The key point of each interview is different in each case. The first one is a HR interview, and basic questions such as your motivation for application is emphasized. The second one is a group interview and panel interview. In the group interview, we are randomly divided into groups to solve problems. The third interview is similar to the first one.” Since Feng Chuan has rich team work experience and practical experience, he has outstanding performance through his good interpersonal skills, organization and coordination ability and confidence in face of the problems and emerged the winner out of rivals from Peking University and Yale.

“The work shift system is adopted in the training of Management Trainee; therefore, it has the chance to touch on every department.” At present, Feng Chuan’s shift is at the TaiKoo Hui Project in Guangzhou. As to the training of company, Feng Chuan says: “The training covers every aspect: leadership, financial accounting, daily management skills and time management, etc.” Feng Chuan expresses that he is always in the process of learning and that he cherishes the opportunity as a Management Trainee. He says: “The growth is periodical and your will move forward only if you are earnest and down-to-earth.” It can be trusted that there will be infinite potential and wide development space for his career after the key training has been provided by the company.

Looking back to the four years of University, Feng Chuan expressed himself as follows: “SBC gave me a lot of help and provided development opportunities for my growth. The experience is rare, and I feel a debt to the college for this! SBC has created an international development platform for students, because the teachers of SBC are willing to explore the infinite possibilities of internationalization!”


* Swire: Swire is a global group with high diversification, and most of its main business is set in set in Asia Pacific. Hong Kong and Mainland China are the main operation areas of Swire. The Asia business is held by Swire Pacific Limited, a listed company under the Swire group; but in other places, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, East Africa, Sri Lanka, USA and Britain, the businesses are mostly directly held by the parent company, namely John Swire & Sons Ltd.