The ‘Study King’ Returns

Yang Shu

Graduate of SBC Manufacturing Systems Engineering programme, enrolled in 2008

Native place: Henan. Graduated from No. 1 Middle school, Zhengzhou

Bachelor’s Degree, University of Leeds, 2012

Master’s Degree, Imperial College London, 2013

Employed by U.S. Stryker (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. and held post of assistant for chief engineer in 2013


He studied in SBC and then in Imperial College London for five years. Finally, he had his own dreams and pursuits. In his parents’ eyes, “He has grown up and become an adult”. He is modest and thinks there may always be another person smarter than you. He believes that, “If one does one best, then everything is possible.” Now, he is an assistant for the chief engineer in U.S. Stryker Corporation. He is Yang Shu from Henan Province.

Study in Imperial College London 

In his parents’ eyes, Yang Shu was always an obedient and sensible child. However, for university selection after the college entrance examination, he had different ideas. Yang Shu’s father said “after his college entrance examination, our first choice was to study in China. Because we did not know the difference between domestic and foreign education we did not dare to let our son become a test subject.” However, Yang Shu had his own idea. He told his parents that he wanted to study in Britain. With their son’s persistence and persuasion, his parents agreed his decision, which at the time seemed riskier than the alternatives.

“The comprehensive British education system at SBC attracted me and SBC was the only domestic school which cooperated with nine universities in Britain. Besides, I could select renowned universities like The University of Leeds and The University of Sheffield.” After repeated discussion with his parents, Yang Shu opted for the SBC and selected Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation for Major study. “This is related to family; my father is an engineer.” On the other hand, Yang Shu thinks that theory is emphasized in commercial knowledge which is slightly vapid and less practical than learning technology.

“My son’s performance was not good enough in the first year after entering SBC. He was sluggish and not hardworking and failed to put his whole heart into it” – this was Yang Shu’s father’s evaluation. However, Yang Shu also admits that he was not a good student at the beginning. “It was like this until, once, I left early. My foreign tutor pulled me back and said to me ‘You can’t do this. Your parents will feel sorrow’. I was moved at that time and I felt the teachers here were very responsible.” Under the enlightenment and education of his foreign tutor, qualitative change happened to Yang Shu. He not only actively interacted with the teacher in class and worked hard in his spare time but also often sought help from teachers. Yang Shu’s father said “he became more confident and had much clearer goals.” Yang Shu was also admitted by the University of Leeds due to his excellent achievements and performance and he continued for study in his Junior and Senior years. He was successfully admitted by Imperial College London based on the excellent achievement of his First Class Bachelor’s Degree in 2012.

Assistant to the Chief Engineer

International education provides Yang Shu with a wider development platform. As an undergraduate, he started deep learning in biological research with guidance provided by the college. His undergraduate graduation design was on “Finite Element Analysis on Bone Nails”. For an undergraduate, this was a challenging piece of research. Talking about the main experience, Yang Shu thinks “no matter what kind of subject you do, the most important thing in fact is to master the research methods. The learning method and skills which I learned in SBC are very useful.”

He worked as research assistant in the summer vacation and participated in a project making robot arms. “I mainly took charge of mathematical theory calculations and program inspection. I worked for a month and made nearly 1,000 pounds in wages.” Attributing this to rigor acquired completing individual events in SBC, Yang Shu worked in perfect order. This is a project which is was completed by five persons cooperating together, said by Yang Shu, “teamwork is totally different from one’s independent development, so you must consider other’s opinions and all persons must discuss and make a plan together. Most members in the team are foreigners. Thus, there are cultural differences to overcome. Teamwork is a necessary skill for this enterprise. Its practicality is strong in work.”

Yang Shu has inherited a rigorous academic spirit. When he has problems, he always explores the root. Just because of this, he is competent at interdisciplinary projects. “My postgraduate graduation design was measurement of human knee joint instability and so touched on biology. One kind of sensor was decided upon for the research for tests of ligament injury of human knee joint; it had huge commercial value.” Although he did not learn medicine, he has performed a cadaver experiment in his research; he does not know programming, however, he prepard programs for sensor measurement. “In fact, he does projects and learns something at the same time. If he does not understand something, he will consult books or ask a doctoral supervisor.” By the time Yang Shu completed his project, he had a certain understanding of medical knowledge such as the human knee and hip joint.

It was due to these achievements in medical device research in his undergraduate and master’s stage that Yang Shu was looked kindly upon by a Chinese tutor in the same research institute. With the recommendation of this tutor, Yang Shu was employed by Stryker (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. and held the post of assistant for chief engineer specializing in researching applications in 3D printing technology in orthopaedics.

With five years’ experience, Yang Shu has become a mature young man. Yang Shu’s father said “after several years of cultivation, he has a dream entirely his own and his self-restriction, self-planning and ability for independent learning has obviously improved. The most important thing is that he has his own dream and pursuits. So we feel proud and happy.”

“Everything is possible, so try to do it” – this is Yang Shu’s motto. He also shares his key to success with his brother and sister classmates: “International education provides infinite opportunities. If we do our best for everything, we will certainly have achieved in a special field,”


U.S. Stryker (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.: Stryker was founded in 1941. As a leader in global medical technology field, Stryker provides diversified innovative medical technology to the world, including in reconstruction of implants, nerve technology and spine products. The company has been rated as one of “the most respected companies in the world” by internationally renowned magazine FORTUNE for 11 years continually. In 2013, the global ranking first orthopaedic manufacturer U.S. Stryker Group purchased Trauson (China) Medical Instrument Company Ltd. and founded Stryker (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.