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1.How many classes per day? What is the timetable?

There are about 5-6 classes per day and 1 hour per class in Year One and Year Two. Normally there is no class on Friday afternoon.

Classes start at 8:30 in the morning and end at 5:30 in the afternoon.

2.About Chinese language classes

All international students at SBC are entitled to free Chinese lessons. These are not compulsory and are not credited towards your degree. However, we encourage all students to learn Chinese whilst in Shanghai as it will really benefit your future career prospects. SBC’s Chinese programme follows the HSK system and students starting SBC with no Chinese could get to HSK 2 within the first year at SBC. Two years at SBC would allow students to achieve an understanding of Chinese, equivalent to HSK 3, and three to four years at SBC would allow students to obtain an HSK 4 level of Chinese, the grade needed to enter a Chinese state university and which demonstrates a high level of fluency.

3.What’s the qualification of the lecturers

Most lecturers come from English Speaking countries. They have PhD or MA qualification.

4.Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, Principal Scholarship CNY10, 000. We do offer scholarships to outstanding students on their academic performance and social contribution to the school.

5.Can I change courses during my study?

It is not allowed to change routes between Business and Engineering, but it is possible to change major in the same route just after the foundation year (SBC Year 1) but not apply for year 2 or year 3.

6.How to progress onto UK Universities for 2+2 pathways?

Based on performance at SBC Year 2, you can apply under assistance of our Overseas Services Department through UCAS to our partner universities in UK. You will have to meet the requirements of the target UK University for progression.

7.When does school start? When is the holiday?

We only have one autumn entry in September each year. We will follow the Chinese national holidays. We have one day Christmas holiday besides Chinese national holidays. Winter holiday usually start in January or February before the Chinese Festival for one month. Summer holiday usually starts from June to September. Regarding the academic calendar, please contact International office.


SBC’s International Student Accommodation is situated close to SBC. Being in central Shanghai, students living in the accommodation benefit from being in close proximity to many restaurants and cafes. Like the main campus, SBC’s accommodation is situated in an international and cultural district and students are offered ample opportunity to make friends and broaden their horizons.

A 24 hour security service makes the International Student Accommodation a very safe environment to live in. A free shuttle service to and from SBC’s main teaching building and the option of a cleaning service also makes it a very comfortable place to live.

Other Questions

How many international students at SBC? Where are they come from?

There are about 1,600 students totally on campus now, including about 100 international students from more than 30 different countries around the world, mostly from Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Central Asia, France, America, UK.

Does SBC offer internships?

Yes, we do offer lots of internships opportunities for our students. Our career services department will deliver the newest information about the internship both on-campus and off-campus. Just contact them directly for application after school begins.

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