SBC人 | Emil: We create SBC culture by ourselves

SBC人 | Emil: We create SBC culture by ourselves



       "We create

SBC culture

by ourselves. "

Emil Bengtsson


会展与经济管理 4+0

Life in Shanghai

      I’ve been living in Shanghai for almost 10 years. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t really sure about how life turned out here when I first came to Shanghai. I wasn’t really used to the life here at that time because I had been living in Denmark for the first 10 years of my life. However, since Shanghai provides me with more opportunities of getting to know people from all over the world and other cultures, I decided to enroll in an internationally college in Shanghai and try to get to know more about the city.


Why to Choose SBC

      One of the reasons why I choose to study at SBC is that I prefer the small but beautiful campus. I still can remember the day when my high school counsellor took me to SBC on Discovery Day last April. We visited the tearoom, the library, and the delicate historic buildings, which left me a deep impression. Moreover, it’s easy to get anywhere from SBC because of the central location we are at. In addition to these, SBC provides students with many internship opportunities and fruitful educational resources. As Shanghai is a big Metropolis, every student can have lots of potential opportunities to go out and get real work experience. From my perspective, one of the most important reasons for students to make the decision to come over here is how much the college is able to give them.


Life in SBC

I love the life at SBC along with the different cultures I encounter. Many local students are easy to talk to as well as international students, as they can speak in English fluently. Though a part of Chinese classmates are shy, I try to put several Chinese words into the conversation to warm up the atmosphere. Speaking of SBC teachers, they might be a little strict with academic performances, but they always give students quite useful pieces of advice. With their guidance, students are encouraged to learn more knowledge by their own abilities in their spare time.


“ There are various activities in SBC. For example, I hosted in SBC Open Day Welcome Ceremony and performed tutorial lectures. I would say that they broadened my horizons and improved my abilities. Before I came to SBC, I didn’t believe I can do any public speaking at all, but now I can give a ton of people accurate information in public and found that I’m actually good at it. On the other hand, student activities bring people from different countries together, of which they can share their opinions and make cross-cultural communication with each other. And I even believe, because it is SBC, we even form our own community and create our SBC culture by ourselves.


Events Management

I had my business management courses in my high school, so I got more interested in Events Management. I want to learn about an “Event” itself, where a group of people gather up. I’ve also heard about events that are getting more and more popular in Shanghai as well as in the rest of the world, so the major is full of possibilities. I’ve learned how events work and the way to plan and manage them through the study in SBC so far. I’m also required to study some subjects in addition to this major, for example, economics, management accounting, organisational behaviors, etc.


My Future

“My future plan is still to be determined, but I’ll pursue a master degree after I graduate from SBC if things go smoothly. If I won’t get the chance to do so, I’ll choose to work in Shanghai for several years for it’s the city I truly like. Speaking of language skills, I’m still practicing my Chinese and fortunately it’s getting better and better. In the next semester, I’ll continue to take Chinese courses and try to reach HSK 5 level. Hopefully I can make it! In addition to Chinese, English and Danish that I have already known, I am interested to try other languages as well such as Japanese or German. People always tell me: “You’re gifted to learn languages.” Last but not the least, the Sino-British College offers me an international platform to learn and to live. Therefore, I’m willing to face new challenges and opportunities in the future.

”我的未来计划还处于待定状态,如果一切顺利,从中英国际学院毕业之后,我将进行硕士研究生阶段的学习。如果我未能有此机会,我会选择留在上海工作,因为我真心喜爱这座城市。在语言技能方面,我还在不断地练习中文,有幸的是,我正在逐渐进步。下学期,我还会继续学习汉语课程,HSK 5级水平是我想达成的目标。希望我能通过考试!除了中文、英语和丹麦语,我也想尝试学习其他语言,如日语,德语。人们总是告诉我:“你有语言天赋。”更重要的是,中英国际学院为我提供了一个国际化的学习平台和生活平台。因此,我愿意面对新挑战和新机遇。